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troops n : soldiers collectively [syn: military personnel, soldiery]

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  1. plural of troop
  2. military personnel in uniform
    There are 10,000 troops in Iraq.




  1. third-person singular of troop

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A troop is a military unit. Troops can also refer to:-
  • An army force without considering component units.
  • Military personnel in uniform.
  • An army cavalry unit of a cavalry regiment, equivalent to a company of an infantry regiment.
  • A unit within some state police organizations
Troops, the name of an independent film, a spoof of COPS and Star Wars.

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armed force, armed service, army, array, career soldiers, fighting force, fighting machine, firepower, forces, ground forces, ground troops, hands, host, legions, men, military establishment, occupation force, paratroops, personnel, rank and file, ranks, regular army, regulars, ski troops, soldiery, standing army, storm troops, the big battalions, the line, the military, units, work force
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